Barbican Center – Music Box


This is a part of a project for Barbican Box. The animated films are intended to be projected during the young people’s performance on stage. The theme is reflections yourself, and it reminds me of the only pet that I raised in my childhood, it is a fish. When I was a child, I was quiet and perplexed, I can’t figure out the things happened around me, and I just focus on myself. I draw two fishes and made them to swim cycling, just like they focus on themselves, and keep doing their own thing. For the background, the blue pattern means some new things that happened around me, and bring more sense of dynamic to this animation.

该项目是由barbican center支持的音乐盒子项目。视频多人合作动画,10位动画师采用集体动画的形式,手绘逐帧动画完成作品。动画用于Max  Richter指挥的青年乐队在巴比肯中心的现场演出。这一年的主题是自己的影子,它让我想起了我小时候养的唯一的宠物,鱼。小时候,我很安静,很困惑,我不知道周围发生了什么,我只关注我自己。



Moreover, I designed an illustration for this Music Box project.






password: maalcc


Live Record

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