To Dream My Dream


This work is about my dream and some gaps in my life. There are many “deadlines” in my life, and they push me to move forward, but sometimes I just want to stop for a while and make some daydreams. When the first time I listened to this sound, I felt that I was chased by someone, just like a part of my dream and some parts of my life. I used the area around my desk to rebuild an environment of my mind. I tried to use this installation to describe the feeling which is a second before “deadline”. I tried to keep the upper part of my desk simple and made a fantasy in the bottom part. I made some little animations which flash in my screen, just like I will be distracted sometimes. I created some sculptures which are falling from under the table to the floor, which may show that something is happening in some secret places. In this installation, I built a scene of my daydream, and hope you can dream my dream.



Director & Animator: Weichen Tan
Sound & Music: Eva Leung

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password: maalcc


The process of this film:

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